Taipei gives 20% discount to drivers using intelligent parking spots

Payment will occur by app, QR code or EasyCard

Taipei City Hall (photo by Allen Timothy Chang)

Taipei City Hall (photo by Allen Timothy Chang) (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taipei City will give a discount of 20 percent for drivers who park their vehicle in 44 spaces across the capital using electronic means such as smartphone apps or EasyCards to pay, reports said Thursday.

The campaign is meant to promote paperless and cashless transactions, the Liberty Times reported.

Under the existing system, a parking attendant will make a round of the block and fix a paper with the details of the parking fee to the car’s windshield, with the driver supposed to pay the fee at a convenience store of bank.

Taipei City wants sensitive camera equipment to record when a car starts occupying a space, but during the test period, a student is likely to help the driver download the necessary app and explain the new procedure.

Only three locations in the capital are starting to use three new slightly different systems, city officials told the Liberty Times.

At Songzhi Road close to the Taipei City Government building, payment will be possible by EasyCard or by app. On Heping East Road section 1, the payment uses an app or a QR code, while a stretch of Changchun Road uses yet another app which allows users to pay by EasyCard or with the intelligent parking meter set up along the road.

By the end of September, the experiment will be expanded to include a total of 98 parking spaces on nine streets, but seven different apps will have to be downloaded to cover them all, the Liberty Times wrote.

Once the experiment over next March, the city government will reach a conclusion which system is the most practical to use and will issue just one valid app, an official said Thursday. Paying by the original method will also still be possible, but without the discount of 20 percent.