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US Senate bill to strengthen Taiwan's diplomatic standing titled 'TAIPEI' Act

The 'Taiwan Allies International Protection and Enhancement Initiative' was introduced to the US Senate this week

U.S. Capitol (Pexels, Micheal Judkins photo)

U.S. Capitol (Pexels, Micheal Judkins photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate on Sept. 4 by Cory Gardner to "support Taiwan's diplomatic alliances around the world” will be titled the “TAIPEI” Act, it was announced in press releases from the senators.

“TAIPEI” is an acronym for “Taiwan Allies International Protection and Enhancement Initiative.” The bill aims to implement new U.S. policy as a strategy to strengthen Taiwan’s diplomatic standing.

According to the press release:

“The TAIPEI Act requires a U.S. strategy to engage with governments around the world to support Taiwan’s diplomatic recognition or strengthening unofficial ties with Taiwan. Additionally, it authorizes the State Department to downgrade U.S. relations with any government that takes adverse actions with regard to Taiwan, and to suspend or alter U.S. foreign assistance, including foreign military financing, to governments that take adverse actions with regard to Taiwan.”

The “TAIPEI” Act was introduced in the Senate on Sept. 4 by Cory Gardner of Colorado, co-sponsored by Marco Rubio of Florida, and Robert Menendez of New Jersey. A fourth Senator, Ed Markey of Massachusetts, has also signed on as a further co-sponsor for the legislation.

"China’s insidious agenda to isolate Taiwan cannot go unanswered, and I call on my colleagues to quickly pass this bill,” said Marco Rubio in the press release.

Senator Gardner said of the bill:

“This bipartisan legislation demands a whole-of-government approach to stand up to China’s bullying tactics against Taiwan, and will send a strong message to those nations considering siding with China over Taiwan that there will be consequences for such actions.”

Markey was also quoted in the press release saying that Taiwan’s existing diplomatic relations with 17 remaining nations in the world must be protected. “We must stand up for our friends in Taiwan,” said the senator.

Senator Menendez said that upholding the U.S.’ commitment to the security and well-being of Taiwan should be a bipartisan effort.

The Democratic party senator called on the Trump administration to join the efforts of the bipartisan group of senators to “to send a clear message to those being bullied by China’s expansionist agenda that the United States continues to be a reliable and long term partner for our allies and our neighbors.”

The full text of the “TAIPEI Act" is available to view on Congress' online database.