30% of Taiwan's businesses mull adopting AI over the next year: study

44% of Taiwanese companies have already used AI to enhance operational efficiency

(Image by Pixabay)

(Image by Pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – 44 percent of Taiwanese businesses have already adopted AI technology while 28 percent are set to invest in AI applications within a year, according to a study entitled “Accelerate Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence in Asia Pacific” released by Taiwanese start-up Appier (沛星互動科技).

Indonesia leads the eight Asian countries involved in the study in terms of the extent to which AI potentials have been tapped in the private sector, with 65 percent of the respondents reporting measures already implemented which employ AI in business operations, reports Liberty Times.

The results of the study reveal the degree to which AI has been adopted across the Asia Pacific. The results for individual countries show the following percent of businesses surveyed which have adopted AI: Indonesia (65 percent), China (63 percent), India (62 percent), South Korea (57 percent), Singapore (50 percent), Australia (49 percent), Japan (47 percent), and Taiwan (44 percent).

Over 53 percent of the respondents report that the biggest obstacle in the introduction of AI technology is “data collection and compilation,” suggesting that most enterprises still lack the ability to analyze massive data sets even though the issue of Big Data has been vigorously discussed over the past decade, Appier noted.

The research, conducted by Forrester, indicated that AI plays a pivotal role in digital transformation, which helps companies shift from the core of operational efficiency to “optimization of consumer experience.”

54 percent of respondents place priority on gaining insights into consumer behavior and 63 percent hope to increase accuracy in consumer behavior prediction, through the adoption of AI applications, wrote the report.