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Luxury toilet paper sales on a roll in Taiwan

Luxury 3-ply toilet paper wiping out competition in Taiwan

Hello-Kitty themed Andante 3-ply tissue paper. (Image from

Hello-Kitty themed Andante 3-ply tissue paper. (Image from

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Household sanitary paper manufactures have discovered that sales of higher-priced 3-ply toilet paper have shot up by as much as 20 percent this year, while sanitary paper with cream and recycled tissue paper have also been hot sellers, reported Liberty Times.

Manufactures of sanitary paper have found that 3-ply toilet paper products have started to sell exceptionally well this year, with Costco finding that in addition to its in-house brand Kirkland, three-layered tissue paper from Kleenex and May Flower are also very popular. According to Taiwanese paper making corporation Yuen Foong Yu (YFY), although 2-ply toilet paper is still the most popular variety in the mainstream market, sales of 3-ply paper have increased significantly this year, with some channels even reporting it is being the top seller, therefore paper mills are increasing their capacity for the higher-end product.

In 2016, sales of 3-ply paper only amounted to NT$870 million, while in 2017 sales of the product exceeded NT$1 billion, nearly a 19 percent increase and its share of the toilet paper market rose to 16 percent, according to YFY.

This year, YFY has focused on selling its flagship Mayflower brand 3-ply toilet paper, which offers "high quality, softness, and moisturizing features." Andante's Spring Wind 3-ply toilet paper, which features "3 thick layers and 50 percent increased moisture absorption," this year saw a 20 percent increase in sales.

The main reason cited by manufacturers for the increased popularity of 3-ply toilet paper is that they believe Taiwan's consumer market has become "M-shaped." Although many consumers are still primarily motivated by price point, consumers on the right side of the "M" curve are willing to spend more money to buy better quality products.

Updated : 2021-06-17 14:50 GMT+08:00