Taiwan's northeastern coast to close for 10 days to investigate 6 deaths

Uncommonly strong waves seized the lives of 6 people within two days

The Nanao River estuary

The Nanao River estuary (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Mystery Beach in Nanao of Taiwan's Yilan County will close for examination for ten days, starting on Sept. 5, after six deaths and one person went missing over the course of two days off Taiwan's northeastern coast, according to the Yilan County government.

According to early reports, eight people were swept away and six died at Mystery Beach (南澳神秘沙灘) in Nanao and Neipi Beach (內埤海灘) in Suao, after a series of unexpectedly strong waves struck the northeastern coast on Sept. 2 and Sept. 3.

At a press conference today, the Magistrate of Yilan County, Chen Chin-te (陳金德) said the coastal accidents on these two days were the most severe in the recent years, and expressed his deep condolences towards the victims and their families, reported the Liberty Times.

Additionally, Chen demanded the relevant authorities generate better control measures for seaside security and tourism management of the beaches. He especially urged the Coast Guard Administration to carefully observe the tidal waves and promptly alert the public as well as fishermen, because Typhoon Jebi, the strongest storm observed across the planet so far this year, was swirling in the western Pacific Ocean, causing unexpectedly tremendous waves.

Moreover, Chen called for the ban of illegal operations of selling food onshore which often blocked the paths of tourists.

Finally, he said the closure of Mystery Beach for ten days is to prevent further casualty in human loss and to develop better management of these tourist sites, the report said.