Ramen rater releases list of 'Top 10 Taiwanese Instant Noodles of All Time'

Ramen Rater Hans Lienesch publishes 2018 list of the 'Top Taiwanese Instant Noodles of All Time'

Mom's Dry Noodle Dan Dan Noodle and Ramen Rater. (Image from digwow.com)

Mom's Dry Noodle Dan Dan Noodle and Ramen Rater. (Image from digwow.com)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Again sporting a bold Taiwan No. 1 T-shirt like last year, blogger Hans Lienesch on ​Sept. 2 announced his top 10 favorite Taiwanese ramen noodle products for the year in a video and blog titled, "Top Ten Taiwanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2018 Edition."

In the Ramen Rater, a U.S. ramen review website, for the second year in a row Lienesch chose Mom’s Dry Noodle Dan Dan Noodle (老媽拌麵老成都擔擔麵) for the top spot because they "take all the aspects of Taiwanese food and dry noodle and marry it all together."

The following are the Ramen Rater's top 10 favorite Taiwanese instant noodles:

10. Three Meters Noodles Spicy Taste (三米拌麵椒麻拌麵)

Lienesch likes the gauge and chew of these noodles and its "perfect blended marriage" of both spicy and salty flavors.

(Image from rakuten.com.tw)

9. Wu-Mu Ma Jiou Mian Xian: Hua-Tiau Chiew Chicken Flavor (五木拉麵的馬祖老酒麵線)

The noodle has a "premium chew" to it, which he says is a "hallmark of Taiwanese varieties." The combination of Matsu wine, wolf berry and chicken broth all "bind together in a premium way" that left Lienesch impressed.

(Image from matsu-news.gov.tw)

8. Kiki Noodles Scallion Oil & Soy Sauce Flavor Noodle (KiKi食品雜貨蔥油拌麵)

The Ramen Rater likes the thin noodles of this variety married with a "perfect balance of scallion oil and soy sauce." Lienesch emphasized that the simple combination of ingredients was a prime example how Taiwanese instant noodle makers "take very simple things and make something truly amazing out of them."

(Image from 24h.pchome.com.tw)

7. A-Sha Dan Zai Noodle (阿舍乾麵究醬拌麵)

The flat noodles along with the "spiciness, saltiness and savoriness" of this product "screams Taiwan" reminding him of a flavor he has tasted on previous trips to the country.

(Image from tw.mall.yahoo.com)

6. Three Meters Noodles Shallot Taste (三米拌麵油蔥拌麵)

The Ramen Rater likes the chew of these noodles and its sweet, shallot taste, for which he again praises Taiwanese noodles for their "mastery of simplicity."

(Image from rakuten.com.tw)

5. Tseng Noodle Scallion With Sichuan Pepper Flavor (曾拌麵香蔥椒麻口味)

The noodles are unusual because they have a scalloped, thin edge, while the centerline is thicker, giving it the "mouth feel and texture of a noodle that is both thick and thin at the same time." Lienesch adds that the Sichuan pepper oil and scallion flavor give it a good savory taste that is not too spicy or salty.

(Image from tsengshop.com)

4. Little Cook Thailand Green Curry Instant Noodle (小廚師泰式綠咖哩雞麵)

As he described last year, some varieties such as this have a "two course meal" of sorts in that there is a bowl of noodles and a separate bowl of soup to sip as one eats the noodles. The Ramen Rater really enjoys the green curry flavor with this product.

(Image from tw.buy.yahoo.com)

3. Xiao Ban Mian Traditional Shallot & Onion Oil Noodle (小拌麵古早味雙蔥油細麵)

Lienesch emphasized that this variety consists of long, straight noodles which are thick and chewy. The Ramen Rater then adds that once the noodles are covered in the included sauce, it "is like eating candy."

(Image from rakuten.com.tw)

2. TTL White Wine Carbonara Noodle – Taiwan (台酒白酒帕式達)

Like No. 4, this product is also a combination of noodles and a separate bowl of soup. In this case, there is a retort pouch with meat and white sauce, a separate sachet with white wine and a creamy, chicken-flavored sipping soup.

The Ramen Rater says that this flavor may not seem like its from Taiwan, but it "comes out of Taiwan with a bullet."

(Image by chung-yo.com)

1. Mom’s Dry Noodle Dan Dan Noodle (老媽拌麵老成都擔擔麵)

Lienesch says that this variety takes all the aspects of Taiwanese food and dry noodles that he loves and combines them together, including a "savoriness, spiciness, Sichuan pepperiness, sweetness." He describes it has having "everything working in tandem and in harmony and balance."

(Image from momo.com)