Construction completed on Taiwan's first tri-corridor tunnel

Two tunnels will be used for regular automotive traffic, with the center tunnel housing a light rail MRT

Tri-corridor tunnel project in April, 2018 (Image from Construction Office of New Taipei)

Tri-corridor tunnel project in April, 2018 (Image from Construction Office of New Taipei)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In New Taipei’s Xindian District (新店區), the second phase of construction of a tri-corridor tunnel (三連孔近接隧道) on Ankang No. 1 rd. (安坑一號道路) has been completed. The tri-corridor design of the tunnel is the first of its kind in Taiwan.

The two outermost corridors will be used for regular automobile traffic, while the central tunnel will cover a track for a light rail MRT.

The tunnels for regular traffic will be opened in April 2019, while the light rail MRT is expected to be completed by 2021, but may still face delays.

The tunnels will connect Antai rd. (安泰路) and Meigui rd. (玫瑰路) in Xindian District and run a total length of 1,230 meters. Each main corridor is 20 meters wide, with about 1.5 meters between each corridor.

The mayor of New Taipei, Eric Chu (朱立倫) went to inspect the completed tunnels on Monday, Sept. 3 and praised the hard work and exceptional skill displayed by the engineers and construction workers.

He praised them on the design of the tunnel, which was chosen because it was the design which would have the least environmental impact, reports LTN.

The tri-corridor tunnel design was chosen because a larger and higher tunnel design would have required much more severe damage to the mountainside along which the tunnels run. The soil in the area was also not suitable for tunnels of a larger width, which may have faced structural risks in the event of heavy rains.

The smaller corridors situated between the larger tunnels were used to perform the excavation while stabilizing the larger structure.

Concept art from New Taipei City Government