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Indonesian caregiver abusing elderly Taiwanese man caught on camera

The caregiver has been blacklisted and already left the country

(screenshot image of YouTube)

(screenshot image of YouTube)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - CCTV footage of an Indonesian domestic caregiver abusing an old disabled man has sparked discussions on the issue of long-term health care in Taiwan.

The caregiver has been blacklisted and already left the country.

The video was first posted on YouTube in late June of 2018, but it only surfaced in Taiwan's news media after a family member of the victim recently posted it to the Breaking News Commune FB page.

The uploader of the video said the family employed the young Indonesian caregiver to take care of their wheelchair-bound 80-year-old grandfather, but a hidden camera installed by the family found that the caregiver abused their grandfather on multiple occasions when the two were left home alone.

The video (click here) shows the patient being hit and kicked in the face.

Not many details have been provided by the user who made the post, such as the location and what, if any, legal consequences the Indonesian caregiver faced.

An Apple Daily report on Sept. 3 said that the abuse took place in Changhua of central Taiwan, and the employer told the media that the bad caregiver has left the country. The family is satisfied with the new foreign caregiver. Changhua's labor department told Apple Daily that the bad one has been blacklisted and should not be able to return to work in Taiwan.

After viewing the video, some netizens shared their own unpleasant experiences with employed foreign domestic caregivers. Some expressed concern over the support system that the authorities can provide to families in need.

The National Development Council (NDC) issued a report last week which announced revised data the country's population decline, predicting that Taiwan may become a "super-aged society" by 2026, three years earlier than previously predicted.

The cost to employ a foreign caregiver is far lower than the cost of a local caregiver, with a difference that could reach NT$20,000 (US$650) or higher. Hiring a foreign caregiver is a relatively affordable option for most families, but the language barrier usually results in misunderstanding or undesirable services.

As the country's elderly population is rapidly increasing, experts are urging the authorities to improve public care facilities and services at a much faster pace to ease the financial and psychological burden for the next generations, while allowing the elderly to live a decent and carefree life.

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