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Taiwan's China Airlines and Japan Airlines to jointly operate more flight routes

China Airlines and JAL to jointly operate 7 new domestic Japan flight routes

China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER.

China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan's China Airlines and Japan Airlines (JAL) announced that the two airlines will jointly operate an additional seven routes within Japan, beginning on September 4, reported CNA.

The announcement represents the next step in collaboration between the two airlines. China Airlines and JAL have shared flights between Taipei and Tokyo since 2010, with flights between the two capitals currently totally 230 per week, according to CNA.

China Airlines said that the new flight routes are expected to increase flights between Taiwan and Japan further, to total around 350 per week.

China Airlines currently has direct flights to 15 Japanese airports.

The new flight routes are as follows:

  • Sapporo – Niigata
  • Sapporo – Hanamaki
  • Fukuoka – Miyazaki
  • Fukuoka – Hanamaki
  • Fukuoka – Amami
  • Kagoshima – Amami
  • Kagoshima - Tokushima.

Online booking of the new flight routes will open to the public on September 4.

Updated : 2021-09-19 02:13 GMT+08:00