22 of 25 portable fans fail Taiwan’s product tests

2 hand-held fans taken off the shelf due to overheating and charging failures

Two Chinese-made fans taken off the shelf due to safety failures.

Two Chinese-made fans taken off the shelf due to safety failures. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan's Consumer Protection Committee (CPC, 行政院消費者保護處) announced that a mere three of 25 hand-held and rechargeable fan passed Taiwan's product tests on Sept. 3.

During the tests by the CPC, one fan exploded, and another became very hot.

The CPC randomly bought 25 hand-held and lithium-ion battery powered fans from retailers across four cities and counties in Taiwan, as well as online, during June and July 2018.

Wang Chun-chao (王俊超), deputy head of the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs said that some fans failed testing by overheating, malfunctioning, or exploding, reported CNA.

The Liberty Times reports that the exploding fan is branded as a "HANDY FAN" and another fan, braded "SEMA" fan's motor is insufficiently insulated. Both products are made in China.

"HANDY FAN" and "SEMA" products that failed the safety tests. (CNA image)

Wang said that the government had already instructed vendors to take the failed products off the shelves, and the government will continue to test products, reported CNA.

In addition, 21 fans did not comply with the relevant compliance and labeling standards.

The failures come after the Ministry of Economic Affairs asked the industry to improve the quality of their products last month.

Wang Te-ming (王德明), an officer of the CPC suggests that consumers buy products with a government-issued safety assurance label, as these products are generally safer, reported CNA.

"SEMA", foreground, and "HANDY FAN", background fans that failed Taiwan's product safety tests. (CNA image)