Outdoor lovers in Taiwan invited to take the ‘Grand Hike of Taipei’ challenge

The trail, which will average 7 days to complete, highlights Taipei’s mountainous landscape and tea culture

Wuzhishan Trail (Photo by GEO of Taipei)

Wuzhishan Trail (Photo by GEO of Taipei)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Outdoor enthusiasts are invited to test their stamina while taking in the breathtaking landscape of the capital of Taiwan by embarking on an adventure to walk on the “Grand Hike of Taipei” (台北南北大縱走) – a north-south trail developed by Taipei’s Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO).

The path, measuring 92-kilometers in length and with a variation of 1,120-meters in altitude along its course, will take hikers seven days to complete, during which an estimated 38,000 calories will be burned off, according to GEO.

The trail is split into the north and south sections by the Keelung River, with the north featuring mountain ridges and the south showcasing tea culture.

The north section, stretching approximately 69 kilometers, starts from MRT Guandu Station and connects Fontainebleau Trail (丹楓白鷺步道), Guizikeng Trail (貴子坑步道), Qingtian Temple (清天宮), Datunshan (大屯山), Xiaoyoukeng Recreation Area (小油坑遊憩區), Qixing Mountain (七星山), Qingtiangang Grassland (擎天崗遊憩區), Shitiling Trail (石梯嶺古道), Fengguizui (風櫃嘴)、Meihua Mountain (梅花山), Baishihu (白石湖), Yuanjue Falls (圓覺瀑布), Dagouxi Waterfront Trail (大溝溪畔步道), and MRT Dahu Park Station.

The south section, about 23 kilometers long, snakes along the hiking gate inside China University of Science and Technology (中華科技大學), to Jiuwufeng (九五峯), Miaogaotai (妙高台), Tiaomigong Temple (糶米公廟), and then to Anlu Temple (忠正嶺安祿宮), Wanshou Bridge (萬壽橋), Zhinan Temple Trail (指南宮步道), the Tea-scented Circular Trail (茶香環狀步道), and finishes at National Chengchi University (政治大學).

Signage boards, toilets, as well as drinking fountain facilities have been set up along the Grand Hike of Taipei, allowing hikers to enjoy a pleasant hiking experience, noted GEO.

Hushanxi Trail (虎山溪步道)(Photo by GEO of Taipei)