Honduran student earns wings in Taiwan’s entertainment industry

Fernando Palma who graduated with a masters degree at Yuanze University is now working in the film industry in Taiwan

Taiwan News interviews with Fernando Palma

Taiwan News interviews with Fernando Palma (By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Hailing from Central America, a Honduran student named Fernando Palma (Chinese name 費南多帕馬) set off for Taiwan several years ago to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and with earnest hopes that he could introduce Taiwan to the world.

Two years ago, Fernando Palma decided to set foot in Taiwan, which continues to maintain strong diplomatic ties with Honduras. While working towards a masters degree at Yuanze University, the young, passionate and ambitious Palma was surprisingly offered several opportunities working in the entertainment industry not long after he arrived in the country.

The good-looking Palma speaks fluent Spanish, English, and Mandarin, and has already been featured in several television shows, advertisements, Tv dramas, and micro movies. His achievements in Taiwan have made the news back in his hometown, receiving attention from local media. He has been recognized as a young, courageous Honduran with a successful career overseas.

Fernando Palma interviewed by LA HONDURAS QUE VIENE(source:youtube)

On Aug. 20, Taiwan news conducted a brief interview with Palma, during which he shared his experiences living in Taiwan and his future plans in the film business.

Palma acknowledges that he has been blessed, despite being involved in a traffic accident which causing impaired hearing in his right ear. He expressed gratitude towards the Honduran Embassy, his Taiwanese friends, and clients who have offered ample support for him as he works towards accomplishing his goals.

As for Taiwan's government policy towards new immigrants, Palma says that the New Southbound Policy and the National Development Council are doing their best to retain potential talents and he hopes they will succeed in attracting more young talent to cope with the country's diminished workforce.

Additionally, Palma praised Taiwan and its people as "the friendliest, kindest and most humanistic" in the world. He hopes to promote the county's international image by working with directors and producers that have sold movies to the Hollywood market.

"I want people to be aware of how good Taiwan is and how you can actually make your dream come true here," he said.

Check out the full interview in the Youtube video below: