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Taiwan pilot strike averted for one year

The union, CAL and EVA will discuss remaining differences for up to a year without strikes

A pilots strike has been averted at CAL and EVA.

A pilots strike has been averted at CAL and EVA. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The threat of a pilots strike at Taiwan’s two major airlines over the Mid-Autumn festival has been averted as all parties agreed to a one-year period of negotiation, reports said Thursday.

On August 7, 97.9 percent of members of the Taoyuan Pilot Union voted in favor of a strike at China Airlines (CAL) and EVA Air.

After several rounds of talks since the vote, the union announced Thursday that a consensus had been found on the core issues, and that no conflict should erupt during a one-year period set to resolve remaining differences.

However, the result of the August 7 vote still stood, meaning there would be no need for a new vote if the union decided to go on strike at the end of the one-year moratorium, the Apple Daily reported.

One of the points that had been agreed to was EVA accepting that from 2021, pilots who were trained by the company needed only 10 years of experience instead of 15, reports said. Pilots on long-range “red eye” flights would be allowed to rest longer, while pilots would also gain the right to decide on the cancellation or delay of their flight during bad weather.

At CAL, the emphasis would shift from sanctions to training and gradual improvements under the Flight Operations Quality Assurance principles, according to the Apple Daily.

The union and the two airlines would continue to discuss the other remaining points of difference in an effort to find a resolution by the end of September 2019, with any new conflicts before that deadline to be handled by arbitration, reports said.