Photo of the Day: Spectacular Qingshui Cliff in NE Taiwan

Glimpse of green Qingshui Cliff meeting the blue Pacific Ocean in Taiwan's Hualien County

Qingshui Cliff. (Photo by Instagram user @zach_zine)

Qingshui Cliff. (Photo by Instagram user @zach_zine)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An American English teacher captured this gorgeous view of Qingshui Cliff in Taiwan's Hualien County and posted it on the social media site Reddit on Aug. 26, where it has received 132 upvotes and counting.

The photographer, 28-year-old Zach, who works as an English teacher and has lived in Taiwan for over six years, took the photo of the cliff while traveling in Hualien in May of this year.

Qingshui Cliff is actually a 21-kilometer length of coastal cliffs, and with an average height of 800 meters, they are the highest sea cliffs in Taiwan. The cliffs are located in Hualien County's Xiulin Township and are accessible from the Suhua Highway.

Qingshui Cliff. (Photo by Instagram user @zach_zine)