Indonesian caregiver brutally abused by Taiwanese employer, recovers

The employer will face criminal charges of injuring others, fraud, and violating the Human Trafficking Prevention Act

(Image courtesy of pixabay)

(Image courtesy of pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - A 22-year-old Indonesian woman working as a caregiver in Xindian, New Taipei City, has been brutally abused by her two employers since last September, according to an Apple Daily report Wednesday.

The Indonesian caregiver, who was identified as Nita, came to Taiwan in September 2017 and was employed by a woman surnamed Lee, 42, to care for a then-three-month-old baby and her 66-year-old mother.

Nita's nightmare began a month after her arrival. Her employer started hitting Nita on her hips, legs, arms, and fingers, with hangers, PVC pipes, and wooden sticks, causing multiple fractures and open wounds, which in combination led to severe infections in January 2018.

The mother of the employer is reportedly listed as an accomplice in the abuse case. The two assaulted the caregiver for no reason, the report said.

Nita had reportedly been banned from leaving the employer's house, and her cellphone was confiscated by Lee, making her unable to reach out for help.

The caregiver endured the physical abuses for nearly four months until one day in January this year she was taken to the hospital by Lee to receive treatment for severe infections and bleeding. It's also the first time she was able to ask for help. The hospital staff reported the abuse to the police and the injured caregiver remained at the hospital for further medical treatment.

In addition to the physical abuse, the heartless employer is said to have made up all kinds of excuses for not paying Nita for her work, police was quoted as saying by Apple Daily.

The mother-daughter duo denied the wrongdoings when being brought to the police, but the two are said to face criminal charges of injuring others, fraud, and violating the Human Trafficking Prevention Act.

Nita has been found a safe place to stay after recovering from her injuries, said the report.