Extremely heavy rain warning in affect for southern Taiwan

Unstable weather to be seen across southern Taiwan today

CWB radar map.

CWB radar map.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) predicts that Taiwan will continue to see unstable weather with heavy rain in southern and southeastern Taiwan due to the affects of a low-pressure area and southwesterly winds.

The CWB predicts that showers or thunderstorms will be seen across Taiwan today, with those in southern and southeastern Taiwan advised to beware of heavy rains. Residents in other parts of Taiwan are advised to be vigilant for sudden downpours caused by afternoon heat convection.

The CWB has issued a heavy rain advisory today for Tainan City and Penghu County, while an extremely heavy rain advisory has been issued for Kaohsiung City, Taitung County and Pingtung County.

Due to continuous rainfall in southern and southeastern Taiwan, the moisture content in the soil is very high making it relatively loose. Therefore, the CWB warned that those in mountainous areas should beware of landslides and rockfalls, while those in low-lying areas should watch for flooding.

In terms of temperature, the CWB predicts highs to range from 26 to 29 degrees Celsius in southern, eastern and southeastern Taiwan, while the rest of the country will see highs range between 30 and 33 degrees.

The CWB also warned that magnitude 8 to 9 wind gusts could occur throughout Taiwan (including Green Island and Orchid Island), as well as open coastal areas of Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu. Therefore, those visiting coastal areas should beware of strong wind gusts and large waves.

In addition, Tropical Storm Jebi at 2 a.m. this morning was about 3,570 kilometers east-southeast of Taipei and was moving in a west-northwesterly direction, but is not expected to affect the weather in Taiwan, at least in the short term.