Taiwan's EPA, 2-stroke scooter enthusiasts reach emissions agreement

Vintage 2-stroke scooters now exempt from tightened emission standards under Air Pollution Control Act

Head of EPA, Lee Ying-yuan sitting on 2-stroke scooter on Aug. 24.

Head of EPA, Lee Ying-yuan sitting on 2-stroke scooter on Aug. 24. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After numerous protests by two-stroke scooter enthusiasts over vehicle emission reform, the interest group reached an agreement with the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) on Aug. 24, leading to vintage scooters now being exempt from the Air Pollution Control Act (APCA, 空氣污染防制法), reported CNA.

The EPA announced yesterday that the environmental watchdog had entered into a self-discipline agreement with two-stroke scooter enthusiasts, outlining independent self-management of the vintage machines.

The APCA entered into force on Aug. 1, tightening emissions restrictions and imposing a fine of NT$60,000 (US$1,955) on motorists who use unfit vehicles. The more stringent requirements drew the ire of classic scooter enthusiasts, who were concerned that their machines would be taken off the road overnight.

In response, hundreds protested with their two-stroke scooters on Ketagalan Boulevard, Taipei on June 17, and again outside the Legislative Yuan, Taipei on June 22.

The self-discipline agreement has four key points including overall maintenance of the machine, and usage restrictions in terms of daily use, according to air quality, and where the vehicle can be driven.