Massive deluge in southern Taiwan injures 5, floods 248 homes in Tainan

Tropical depression hammers southern Taiwan's Tainan City injuring 5, flooding 248 homes, causing 391 evacuations


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As a tropical depression which began pounding southern Taiwan yesterday (Aug 23) Tainan City took the brunt of it with 248 houses being flooded in as many as 20 districts and 117 road sections, reported Liberty Times.

As offices and schools have been closed in the city due to the threat of flooding, acting Tainan City Mayor Lee Meng-yen (李孟諺) said that the disaster response center will remain open at Level 1 and all bureaus will remain vigilant, as he urged the public to take precautions for the extreme weather conditions.

According to statistics from the Tainan City government, more than 600 incidents related to the heavy rains have been reported thus far, including 125 fallen trees and 28 signs. The storm has also caused 5 injuries (one hospitalized, one under observation and three discharged), and flooding reported in 248 homes, 20 districts and 177 road sections.

Flooding in Tainan's Xuejia District. (Photo by Karen Lai)

The flooding has also caused the evacuation of 391 people in 10 districts, including 35 in Guiren District, one in Zuozhen District, 159 in Yongkang District, one in Longqi District, 93 in Xinhua District, two in Liujia District, two in Anding District, 15 in Dongshan District, 73 in Nanxi District and 10 in Nanhua District.

Lee said that the tropical depression dumped massive quantities of rain across Tainan City, with over 300 mm of rain recorded within 12 hours, including in Rende, Annan, Xigang, Anding, Zhongxi, Yongkang, Madou and Beimen districts, among others.

Flooding in Tainan's Xuejia District. (Photo by Karen Lai)

Lee said that the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) has listed Tainan as one of the areas under an extremely heavy rain advisory and it is anticipated that the total amount of precipitation could exceed 500 mm within 24 hours. Therefore, the mayor has canceled work and classes today and tomorrow.

The Tainan City government announced that in addition to strengthening its preparations for the heavy rain, such as the normal operation of pumping units, the Sixth River Administration is installing five additional pumping units in the city to deal with the strain. Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Bureau and drainage ditch management units are increasing their efforts to clear leaves from drainage ditches and initiating independent disaster prevention by informing industrial areas and low-lying areas to secure their floodgates.

Flooded intersection in Tainan. (Photo from Breaking News Commune)

In addition, Apple Daily reports that the tropical depression rivaled the massive amount of rainfall delivered by Typhoon Morakot. From 5 p.m. yesterday to 5 a.m. this morning, Chiayi County's Lucai District recorded 620.5 mm of rainfall, rivaling the 600 mm recorded in the township over a 12 hour period with Morakot struck in 2009.

SUV stuck in deep water in underpass in Tainan. (Photo from Breaking News Commune)

Flooded road in Tainan's Xinying District. (CNA image)

Flooding in Chiayi City. (CNA image)

Bus caught in flooding in Chiayi City. (CNA photo)

Road in Chiayi City closed due to flooding. (CNA photo)