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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport opens baby daycare center

The employees at Taoyuan airport can now leave their kids at the baby daycare center while working

(Image courtesy of Pixabay)

(Image courtesy of Pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport officially opened its baby daycare center (愛兒寶托嬰中心) Thursday August 23.

The baby daycare center targets the airport employees' children from two months old up to less than two years old. At the beginning, only 30 infants and children can be admitted, and as for now there are 25 children at the baby center.

Among the 25 children enrolled at the baby daycare center, 13 are coming from the Taoyuan International Airport Company, and 12 are from others. Also, there are five places remaining available.

The Airport Baby Daycare Center has some facilities including an activity area, sleeping area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, baby care area, and an ecological zone with plants. It also provides three classrooms and divides the children according to their age. Meanwhile, the nursery services in the center are entrusted to experienced people from the Taiwan Early Childhood Education Association. The team consists of one director, six nurses, and one kitchen worker with certificates. The daycare also cooperates with the new hospital of the airport medical center, to assist with the children's health management with the doctors provided.

Located next to the entrance hall of the Terminal One building, in order to protect the health of the children, the airport company has set up medical grade air conditioning equipment for the baby center. The place is also equipped with the highest standards of non-toxic building materials, and 24-hours fire protection and surveillance access control system, which are all in compliance with relevant regulations.

The baby daycare center charges a fee of NT$14,000 (USD$454.55) per month and operates everyday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The airport daycare center accepts registration for children of the airport company employees and other employees in the airport. Currently, the employees' children registered include one each from China Airlines, Ever Rich, Taoyuan Metro Corporation, Tiger Air Taiwan, National Immigration Agency, Taipei Customs Office, and Taiwan Landseed Hospital.