Police suspect 2 may have murdered Canadian English teacher after machetes found

Prior to death, Canadian English teacher took out NT$100,000 from ATM in New Taipei City

CCTV footage of Ryan leaving home. (New Taipei Police surveillance footage)

CCTV footage of Ryan leaving home. (New Taipei Police surveillance footage)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The discovery of two machetes at the riverbank where the dismembered body of a Canadian English teacher was discovered in New Taipei City yesterday is causing the police to suspect there may have been more than one killer, reported UDN.

During a police investigation of surveillance footage, they discovered that the 43-year-old man, identified as "Ryan" (Ramgahan Sanjay Ryan, 顏柏萊), at 7:25 p.m. on Tuesday evening (Aug. 21) stepped out of his house alone. At 7:44 p.m., he was seen visiting an ATM on Yonghe Road Section 2 in New Taipei City's Yonghe District, where he withdrew a large sum of cash.

After withdrawing the money, he returned home and was soon seen taking his dog "Lulu" out for a walk. As this is the last time Ryan was seen on surveillance camera footage thus far, police are not yet ruling out the possibility that he was murdered as he walked his dog to Zhongzheng Riverside Park, where his body was found the next day.

Police today announced that they found two machetes on the riverbank where his disremembered remains had been discovered yesterday (Aug. 22). Police also announced that between Aug. 20 and Aug. 21, Ryan had withdrawn NT$100,000 (US$3,247), but no cash was found on his body or in his home.

In a bizarre coincidence, NT$100,000 is the same amount of reward money Ryan had offered to anyone who could find his dog "Spongy" after it went missing following the tragic drowning of his wife in October.

Screenshot of Ryan's Facebook page post searching for Spongy.

In March of this year, Ryan was arrested in a drug-related case, and when he was requested to submit a urine sample, he tried to deceive police by using tap water instead. Police were then infuriated to find that he had peed on the floor of the Yonghe police station.

In May of this year, Taipei police found foreigners to be in possession of marijuana in a nightclub and traced the origin of the drug to Ryan. He was then arrested in Yonghe District for possession of more than 200 grams of marijuana, and therefore police are not excluding the possibility that the murder was related to a drug dealing dispute.

Police are currently questioning drug suspects as part of their ongoing investigation into the murder case.