36 EU officials join research, Mandarin programs at Taiwan Universities

The summer program has been hosted by the Ministry of Education since 2007

EU officials visiting Taiwan (Image from MOE)

EU officials visiting Taiwan (Image from MOE)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In a statement on Aug. 22, the Ministry of education released a statement in promotion of an educational exchange program with the European Union.

The program promotes Mandarin language education as well as research in various fields at Taiwanese universities. Over the summer of 2018, 36 European Union officials involved in government position related culture, education, economy and trade came to Taiwan this summer to study Mandarin.

The educational exchange program was established 10 years ago in 2007 and has been a great asset to establishing closer ties with the European Union over the past decade.

Under the program, EU representatives join participate in academic activities at National Chengchi University (NCCU) and Fu Jen Catholic University.

A delegation focused on political and economic research participated in seminars at NCCU from Aug. 5 through Aug. 17, meanwhile a delegation focused on language and culture research joined a two-week intensive Mandarin language program at Fu Jen University from Aug. 4 through Aug. 17.

The head of the EU Education, Culture and Audiovisual Executive Agency, Theiry Devars, was also in Taiwan to promote educational opportunities for Taiwanese students in the EU.

Devars said the educational partnerships between Taiwan and the EU are solid, and that the number of Taiwanese students studying in the EU continues to grow year by year, reports CNA.

The chief of the Ministry of Education’s Office of International and Cross-strait Education, Bi Zu-An (畢祖安) said the summer research exchange program continues to help cultivate strong bilateral ties with the EU.

It provides a regular opportunity for academic exchange and gives Taiwanese officials a chance to meet with EU representatives in various fields, promoting stronger bilateral ties every year.