Taiwan's Premier calls for public awareness of China's 'real intention'

Premier Lai Ching-te (Photo by CNA)

Premier Lai Ching-te (Photo by CNA)

Premier Lai Ching-te (賴清德) said Wednesday the public needs to be aware that the "real intention" behind China's efforts to pressure Taiwan is annexation.

In an exclusive interview with CNA, Lai said China should also face the fact of Taiwan's existence and realize that all of its bullying tactics against Taiwan actually run counter to its own purposes.

"China has never changed its intention to annex Taiwan," and has been using every excuse to squeeze Taiwan's international space, Lai said, referring to China's recent spate of Taiwan-bashing activities, including its poaching of Taiwan's diplomatic ally El Salvador on Tuesday.

If China succeeds in its attempts to divide Taiwan society, then it will keep bullying Taiwan on every pretext, Lai said.

He said China's "attacks" against Taiwan will stop only when it sees that its actions are spurring greater unity among the Taiwanese people.

Meanwhile, Lai said, the international community is concerned about Taiwan mainly because the country's high-tech industry plays an important role in the international production chain.

Geopolitically, Taiwan is positioned in the center of the first island chain in West Pacific, which means it has a key role in the maintenance of regional security, he said.