Taiwan's Kaohsiung to hold '2018 Southeast Asia Film Festival'

Movies from Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam will be shown at the film festival

Thailand's movie Bad Genius. (Image courtesy of NW Film Center)

Thailand's movie Bad Genius. (Image courtesy of NW Film Center)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center will hold the "2018 Southeast Asia Film Festival" (2018遠近之間-東南亞影展) every weekend from Aug. 26 to Sept. 15.

There are four movies from New Southbound Policy countries that are going to be played at Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Hall, including films from Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam.

The first movie that will be featured is the Thai heist thriller film called "Bad Genius" (模犯生). It tells the story about a genius high school student called Lynn who helps students to cheat on exams. The movie broke records for being the highest grossing Thai film in Taiwan last year, and grossed NT$1 billion dollars (US$32,576,000) at Taiwan's box office.

"Bad Genius" will screened on Aug. 26 at 2:30 pm. Online registration is open until Aug. 24 at noon and is limited to 1,300 viewers.

The film festival is organized by the Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center, China Steel Corporation and Sheng Yu Steel Co. Ltd, with the hope of enhancing Taiwanese understanding of Southeast Asian culture, society, and history through different perspectives presented through film.

The other films includes "Stanley's Tiffin Box" (史丹利的便當盒) (India) on Sept. 1, "Filosofi Kopi" (歡迎光臨哲學咖啡館) (Indonesia) on Sept. 9, and "Sunny Love" (那些年,我們愛的女孩) (Vietnam) on Sept. 15. Registration for each film is open two weeks before screening.