Israeli model Bar Zomer's marriage proposal at Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake goes viral

Photo of Israeli's model's marriage proposal attracts more than 880,000 netizens, making Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake becomes a hot topic

(Photo Courtesy of Bar Zomer Instagram)

(Photo Courtesy of Bar Zomer Instagram)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Bar Zomer, a famous Israel model and internet celebrity with 430,000 followers in Instagram, posted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend while she was in Sun Moon Lake.

The marriage proposal attracted more than 880,000 viewers in just two days, and made Sun Moon Lake become a trending topic in Israel.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau invited the Instagram star to Taiwan in hopes of attracting more tourists from Middle East. She later asked her boyfriend, Aviv Cohen, who is also a photographer to come along.

Later on, with the help of Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore Office, Aviv Cohen secretly planned a marriage proposal for Zomer in front of the beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake from the hotel they stayed in. Zomer​ was surprised and happily accepted the wedding proposal.

Zomer said that the enthusiasm and kindness of people in Taiwan really amazed her, and she is satisfied with the hotel and restaurants services in Taiwan, which she had never experienced in Israel.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore Office stated that Zomer went to Taipei 101, Ximen, Raohe Night Market, and some other popular tourist spots. She arrived at Sun Moon Lake on Aug. 19 and returned to Taipei on Monday, and she is expected to fly back to Israel on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

Trust Lin (林信任), the director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore Office said that Zomer's popularity in Israel is huge and her fans are mostly young people, so it should attract many Israel visitors to visit Taiwan. He also added that the number of tourists from Israel arriving in Taiwan continues to grow.