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Rubio blasts El Salvador's switch from Taiwan to China as 'terrible mistake,' threatens to end funding

Rubio calls El Salvador's switch from Taiwan to China as 'terrible mistake,' threatens to end funding

Senator Marco Rubio.

Senator Marco Rubio. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In anticipation of El Salvador's impending switch of diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio harshly criticized the decision as a "terrible mistake" and is threatening to "end their funding."

As it became clear that El Salvador was poised to switch diplomatic relations from Taiwan to Communist China, Rubio on his Twitter feed wrote that such a move would be a "terrible mistake for the govt of El Salvador." He then speculated that the switch was probably incentivized by a cash infusion by China, saying "Maybe they think China $ will help governing party win elections in 2019."

Indeed, Taiwan ultimately decided to preemptively severe relations with El Salvador today (Aug. 21) because it became clear they would no longer maintain their ties with the country unless they received a "huge sum" (龐大的金額) of financial aid, according to Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (吳釗燮).

Rubio then warned the tiny banana republic that shifting their allegiance to Communist China would "cause real harm to relationship with U.S." He then indicated this could potentially jeopardize the aid money the U.S. provides to El Salvador as part of the Alliance for Prosperity program.

In a second Tweet, Rubio warned El Salvador that if they switch to China, there would be more dire consequences than was the case with Panama and the Dominican Republic. Rubio made it clear that he would "immediately begin work to end their funding" and jettison them from the multi-billion dollar Alliance for Prosperity program.