Indonesians in Taiwan celebrate their Independence Day in Taipei

An Indonesian Art and Cultural Festival was held Sunday, Aug. 19 in celebration of the country's Independence Day, which was Aug. 17

A dance performance at the Indonesian Art and Cultural Festival

A dance performance at the Indonesian Art and Cultural Festival (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Indonesians living in Taiwan joined a celebration in honor of Indonesian Independence Day on Sunday, Aug. 19 at the 2/28 Peace Park near the National Taiwan Museum in Taipei.

The Indonesian Independence Day “Art and Culture Festival” attracted hundreds of people who came out to enjoy traditional performances, including martial arts, dance and music from different regions of Indonesia.

Indonesian Independence Day was Friday, Aug. 17, but the festival took place on Sunday, when most foreign workers in Taiwan have a day off of work.

The crowd sang the national anthem together and waved the national flag as they celebrated the important day with their compatriots, as well as with local Taiwanese and others who joined in the celebration to experience a bit of Indonesian hospitality and culture.

UDN reports that this is the third year in a row that the “Indonesian Art and Culture Festival” has been held in Taipei, and hosted by the National Taiwan Museum. The festival was packed with various activities in celebration of Indonesian cultural heritage and history.

There was a traditional Tiger Mask and Peacock Dance,as well as demonstrations of martial arts, poetry readings, and a traditional dance of West Java.

The Tiger Mask and Peacock Dance (CNA Image)

There was also a catwalk competition, where 25 volunteers from the crowd signed up to wear gorgeous gowns in an Indonesian style, receive a makeover, and compete with other contestants for prizes.

Another activity usually enjoyed on Indonesian Independence Day celebrations is a “Fish Cake Eating competition” where opponents must try to eat fish cakes suspended in the air as fast as they can, without using their hands.

It was a great day of fun and cultural celebration. The National Taiwan Library hopes that events like the “Indonesian Culture and Art Festival” will help raise awareness and understanding of other cultures in the region among Taiwanese people.

Indonesia declared Independence on Aug. 17, 1945 two days after the surrender of the Japanese forces on Aug. 15.

Indonesians sing their National Anthem together (CNA Image)

Traditional Mask Dance (CNA Image)