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Peru, Ecuador tighten requirements for Venezuela migrants

Peru, Ecuador tighten requirements for Venezuela migrants

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Two South American nations are stiffening entry requirements for hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan migrants fleeing their nation's economic and humanitarian crisis.

Authorities in Peru announced Friday they will follow Ecuador's recent decision to require all Venezuelans to enter the country with a passport.

An astounding number of migrants have arrived in both countries in recent months. In Peru, officials say 5,000 Venezuelans arrived during one recent day. In Ecuador, authorities estimate over 4,000 entered each day in early August.

The United Nations estimates 2.3 million Venezuelans have fled since 2014.

Most are now leaving by land, first entering Colombia and then traveling on to other countries in Latin America like Ecuador and Peru.

Passports are difficult to obtain in Venezuela, where there have been paper and ink shortages.

Updated : 2021-12-02 01:46 GMT+08:00