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Taiwan's COA to help pet owners complete registration for importing dogs

The Council of Agriculture aims to make traveling with dogs to Taiwan easier that is was in the past

(Image by Unsplash user Fredrik Öhlander)

(Image by Unsplash user Fredrik Öhlander)

TAIPEI (CNA) -- When transporting or importing dogs through airports or seaports, people will no longer have to register their pets because the Council of Agriculture (COA) now completes registration for the public, to avoid people having to pay additional fees or fill out too many forms, according to a press release issued by the COA on Friday.

Thousands of dogs and cats enter airports or seaports in Taiwan each year, returning after accompanying their owners for work or study abroad, the COA said.

Under Taiwan's law, dog owners are required to register their pets and have them vaccinated against rabies.

But sometimes pet owners forget to register their pets weeks after entering the country, which increases the costs of each county and city government to track them down, the COA pointed out.

In order to simplify procedures, pets will now also be registered while undergoing the quarantine process at airports or seaports, the COA said.

The move which started in August is said to benefit pet owners as they will no longer have to make another trip to register their dogs after returning to the country, the press release said.