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Wu Feng and Dallas Waldo release video 'Taiwan is my Home'

Wu Feng and Dallas Waldo create fun video answering the question 'why did you come to Taiwan?'

(Image from Dallas Waldo)

(Image from Dallas Waldo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan, Turkish TV show host Ugur Rifat Karlova, better known as Wu Feng (吳鳳), and Canadian rapper Dallas Waldie, who goes by the stage name Dallas Waldo (阿龍), today (Aug. 17) released a music video titled "Taiwan is my Home."

Wu Feng, who on March 21 completed the process of becoming a Taiwanese citizen, said that his inspiration for the video was to not only commemorate 12 years of living in Taiwan but also to recognize "all foreigners who came here and bring their talent, passion and dreams together. Wu Feng added that foreigners who live in Taiwan respect the culture and that "we appreciate the days we spend in Taiwan and try to show people our thoughts, dreams and don't want to be looked at as just laowai (老外, foreigners)."

Waldo, who has lived in Taiwan for six years and has rapped for 10 years, says that Wu Feng contacted him with the idea of making a music video to celebrate his time in Taiwan. Waldo specializes in rapping in Chinese and decided to use Taiwanese dialect, which he was studying at the time, for the chorus.

In the chorus, he sings "Where do you? I live in Taiwan" (你住在哪裡?我住在台灣), which is a frequent conversation he finds himself having with locals. He says he also wanted to answer the common question "Why did you come to Taiwan?" (為什麼你來台灣).

Waldo says his answer to the question in the song is, "I believe a desire for adventure, a desire to contribute to a better world, to connect east and west, and a desire to accomplish my dreams of music and performance are all major factors as to why I am here."

The video was mainly shot in various locations of Kaohsiung during an episode of Wu Feng's award-winning travel show iWalker (愛玩客). Waldo said that during the shooting they ate at many different local restaurants, went to old streets, climbed mountains and connected with the local people.

Waldo said that many local people jumped in and danced with them while shooting the video. Describing the purpose of the video, Waldo said, "It is about bringing foreigners and locals together, showing our appreciation for local culture and bonding with local people because this is now our home."

The music for the video was composed by French beatmaker David Aubin, who goes by the stage name Divyns (狄文斯). Also featured in the video is Taiwanese iWalker co-host, Emmie Ries (雷艾美), who is of Japanese and French descent.