LRV train for Kaohsiung's circular MRT line bound for Taiwan

French train manufacturer Alstom shipped the 1st of 15 Citadis 305 light rail vehicles on Aug. 3, expected arrival early September

Alstom Citadis 305 in Sydney, AUS. Kaohsiung's LRV will be white and green

Alstom Citadis 305 in Sydney, AUS. Kaohsiung's LRV will be white and green (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Kaohsiung’s newest MRT Line, the green Circular Line is about to receive its first rail car before it begins regular operations, likely in early 2019.

The French train manufacturer Alstom has reportedly shipped the first of the Citadis 305 light rail vehicle (LRV) models that will run on the green line in Kaohsiung. The train was shipped from Antwerp on Aug. 3, and will arrive at the port of Keelung in early September.

From there it will be carried by land to Kaohsiung, where it will serve as the vehicle for test operations on phase two of the circular line, which are set to begin in September.

According to Rail Journal, Taiwan’s China Steel Corporation awarded a contract for 15 of the Citadis 305 LRV trains in January 2017 to Alstom.

Describing the trains, Rail Journal notes “The five-section bidirectional LRVs are equipped with permanent magnet motors and Alstom’s Citadis Ecopack onboard storage system.”

The trains will also reportedly draw energy for the Citadis Ecopack system during 20 second charging cycles at stops along the line.

Once the circular line is completed it will be the world’s first light rail system that is completely catenary free, operating without overhead lines.

Phase two was reportedly 38 percent complete at the end of July. According to the report, limited testing on phase two will begin at the terminus station of the Phase one segment, Hamasen station, where the electromechanical systems necessary to use the LRV have been recently installed.

(Image from Wikimedia Commons)