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Taiwanese girl composed Japanese song to introduce Taiwan

The first free Taiwan YouTube FanFest is set for September 15

Taiwanese girl composed Japanese song to introduce Taiwan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A bilingual Taiwanese girl composed a song to simply introduce Taiwan to her Japanese friends in a chill and musical way, while YouTube just announced its first Taipei Fanfest will be held on Sept. 15.

The Taiwanese girl, identified by her YouTube account Sandy H. (黃小玫), uploaded a 3-minute music video titled "Let's meet in Taiwan" in the Japanese language on August 11.

With a clear Japanese voice, a chill and ear-catching rhythm as well as vivid images, her self-composed song received 56,118 views on Facebook and 3,693 views on YouTube along with thousands of likes and shares.

Her video has also gained attention among Japanese netizens as they said the music video was really well-produced with very interesting contents and they would love to widely share it.

Together with Toyota, YouTube announced on Aug.15 that it will bring the annual FanFest music event to Taipei at the Expo Dome inside Taipei Expo Park for the first time. Scheduled to take place on Sep 15, the concert is open free to the public but the entry admission will be available to book online on Aug. 22.

Moreover, the music event will be broadcast online on the YouTube channel for people who are not able to be present at the live stage to enjoy.

The lineup of Taiwanese artists featuring at the music event will include some young names, such as ANA, a descendant of Taiwanese Queen of pop, A-Mei; underground band Nine One One, singer R-chord, 2.6-million-subscriber This Group of People (TGOP), Ray Du English, and more.

Go to YouTube FanFest official websites for further details of the event.