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KMT candidate's poll backfires, 68% of Taiwanese don't consider themselves Chinese

Poll on whether Taiwanese are Chinese is open to public until Aug. 19, vote now!

Screenshot from Lo Chih-chiang Facebook page.

Screenshot from Lo Chih-chiang Facebook page.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A poll by Kuomintang (KMT) legislative candidate Lo Chih-chiang (羅智強) trying to drum up pro-China unification support has backfired, with 68 percent of Taiwanese respondents thus far saying they do not consider themselves Chinese.

Lo on Aug. 13 posted a poll on his Facebook page asking followers if they agree with a quote from an editorial by the China Times which stated "Taiwanese people are Chinese people." Facebook users were asked to click on one of two maps of China which included Taiwan, areas of China currently part of other countries claimed by the ROC and incorporated the design and colors of the Taiwan flag.

The option on the left reads, "Taiwanese people, of course are Chinese people," while the option on the right reads, "Taiwanese people, of course are not Chinese people." At the time of publication, over 46,400 people had voted with 68 percent (31,000) voting that Taiwanese are not Chinese, while 32 percent (15,000) selected the option stating Taiwanese are Chinese.

Under the poll, Lo left a comment saying the following:

"I am Taiwanese, I am Chinese. Culture, history, blood, China, refers to the Chinese nationality and in politics, I believe "China" is the Republic of China."

Many netizens disagreed with Lo's assertions:

"This is a standard example of using bloodline theory to confuse politics."

"I've really been messed up by your Kuomintang."

"Recognize the reality, your map is illegal in the eyes of the Chinese Communist regime."

"DNA is not your nationality, a country is not determined by DNA."

The poll will be continue to be open to the public for voting until Aug. 19. To vote in the poll click here.