Taiwan’s mountains better than beaches and cocktails: US tour guide

US tour guide says indigenous culture and mountains worth seeing

(Photo by Alisahn National Scenic Area)

(Photo by Alisahn National Scenic Area)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – U.S. tour guide Cheryl Robbins has lived in Taiwan for nearly 30 years, and is a key figure promoting Taiwan's indigenous culture and natural wonders, as revealed in a report by CommonWealth Magazine.

Robbins developed her passion for indigenous culture when she first arrived to Taiwan in 1997, when she worked at the National Museum of Natural Science, according to CNA.

She is currently studying a postgraduate degree at the College of Indigenous Studies, National Dong Hwa University, and intends to complete a PhD, according to CommonWealth Magazine.

Robbins has written many books and travel guides on indigenous culture in Taiwan, and is a Taiwan Tourism Bureau licensed tour guide.

Not only has Robbins written books, but she also owns a travel company, Tribe Asia, that provides bespoke tours of Taiwan specializing in eco-tourism, indigenous culture, cooking tours, walking tours, and more.

Robbins told Commonwealth Magazine that the problem for Taiwan's tourism in regards to westerners, is marketing. She thinks that Taiwan's emphasis on food is excessive, and Taiwan is missing an opportunity in promoting the mountains, saying that tourists gush when they see the mountains.

Taiwan's mountains are more worth seeing than beaches and cocktails, Robbins told CommonWealth Magazine.

Updated : 2021-03-09 09:52 GMT+08:00