'Taiwan Bar' releases third episode of 'Flying Beer in Southeast Asia' series

'IP the Dark Bear' of 'Taiwan Bar' traveled to Malaysia and explained past colonial history of Southeast Asia.

(Photo Courtesty of Taiwan Bar)

(Photo Courtesty of Taiwan Bar)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan's popular Youtube channel ,"Taiwan Bar," known for its animated video lessons on Taiwanese history and culture, has just released the third episode of "Flying Beer in Southeast Asia" on Aug. 13.

On the third episode of this series, the main character "IP the Dark Bear" traveled to Malaysia and explored Malaysia's football team and its local dishes, which led him to explain the British colonization of Malaysia and its cultural integration. Aside from Malaysia, IP the Dark Bear also helped the audience understand the political and economic history background, as well as past colonial history of Southeast Asia countries.

Starting last June, The General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC) has been cooperating with Taiwan Bar and launched the "Flying Beer in Southeast Asia" series, which focuses on the culture, and history of the people in Southeast Asia. Since then, "Flying Beer in Southeast Asia" has published a total of three episodes on Taiwan Bar's Youtube channel.

The first episode mainly focuses on the culture and customs of Muslims in Southeast Asian countries, and was published on the last day of the Muslim fasting period this year. In the second episode, IP the Dark Bear traveled to Singapore and introduced overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, their lifestyles, and their immigration history.

Taiwan Bar has been producing entertaining videos for over three years and it has attracted more than 600,000 subscribers. Meanwhile, the "Flying Beer in Southeast Asia" series has accumulated a total of over 200,000 views on various platforms.

Updated : 2021-04-12 12:51 GMT+08:00