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APNewsBreak: US, Mexico to announce new plans on cartels

APNewsBreak: US, Mexico to announce new plans on cartels

CHICAGO (AP) — Drug Enforcement Administration officials tell The Associated Press that new plans to combat Mexican drug cartels will be unveiled in Chicago alongside members of the Mexican government.

Wednesday's announcement at a joint news conference will be a public display of bilateral cooperation amid ongoing tensions over President Donald Trump's trade and immigration policies.

The new plans include putting greater emphasis on attacking cartels' financial infrastructure. Strategies also call for a new enforcement group, based in Chicago, focused on international investigations.

The DEA didn't immediately release the names of the Mexican officials attending the Chicago event.

The director for the DEA's North and Central American Region, Matthew Donahue, told the AP Tuesday the U.S. wants cooperation with Mexico "to be a little more efficient, a little bit more aggressive."

Updated : 2021-07-30 15:43 GMT+08:00