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New Taipei mayoral candidate releases slapstick LINE stickers

New Taipei City mayoral candidate Su Tseng-chang has released 16 silly LINE stickers

LINE stickers of Su Tseng-chang. (Images from LINE store)

LINE stickers of Su Tseng-chang. (Images from LINE store)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- On Sunday (Aug. 12), Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate for New Taipei City mayor, Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌), released a series of humorous LINE stickers of himself as part of his social media campaign and in response to his Kuomintang rival Hou You-yi (侯友宜).

On Sunday, Su's campaign released a total of 16 LINE stickers showing Su making various comical facial expressions, his slogans and exclamations. The stickers were designed by Su's campaign staffers Liao Shu-yu (廖書瑜) and Chang Chiao-yu (張喬羽), who revealed that they had made the stickers in their free time and joked that they will accept snacks as payment for the job and said, "the more people who buy the stickers, the more kinds of snacks we'll get," reported Liberty Times.

Among the cartoon callouts is included his Mandarin slogan "Go go go!" 衝衝衝) and Taiwanese dialect version of the Mandarin slogan "Add oil!" (嘎油, I'm rooting for you).

Other text bubbles include Taiwanese dialect, such as "awesome," "Hello," 'I'm on your side," "many thanks," "so happy," and "have you eaten?" There are several Mandarin terms as well, such as "Wow," "haha," "plus one," and "I'll think it over."

There is also the internet expression 森 (sen, forest) 77, which means "Angry." A few simple English words can be seen as well, including "OK," "bye," and "wait a minute."

New Taipei mayoral candidate releases slapstick LINE stickers

LINE stickers showing Su Tseng-chang with different epressions. (Images from LINE store)

In addition to the new stickers, Su's LINE community page has some new functions. For example as long as a person inputs relevant years of accomplishments after his birth, corresponding messages will appear.

If a user inputs the year of his birth, 1947, Su's self introduction will appear. Inputting the year 1970, the story of Su cycling around Taiwan on NT$2,000 will appear.

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