Indonesia releases footage of its first Asian Games 50 years ago

The first time Indonesia hosted the event was back in 1962, which was the fourth Asian Games

Indonesia releases footage of its first Asian Games 50 years ago

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Host of the 18th Asian Games, Indonesia, published a video featuring the first time it hosted the event back in 1962 in order to promote the Games set to open on August 18.

On August 13, the host country uploaded a one-minute video to its official YouTube channel to showcase Indonesia's effort and capability to conduct one of the biggest international-scale Sports Games.

The video titled "Then and Now – A look at Asian Games in Indonesia" displayed short footage of the 4th Asian Games in 1962 along with the interviews of Indonesian athletes who participated in the past Games.

Only four days left before the 18th Asian Games officially kick off in two cities of Indonesia, Jakarta, and Palembang, the country reportedly almost wrapped up its worries about terrorism, street crime, venue completion and severe traffic jams in the capital so to be ready to run the Games from August 18 – September 2.

During the preparation for the event, Indonesian police shot and killed 11 suspected small-time criminals and arrested 2,000 suspected criminals during the month before the Games started, according to AFP.

As many as 100,000 agents will maintain the security of the Games and make sure no disturbance occurs while the competitions are being held in the hosting cities, the reports said.

The expected number of athletes participating in the Games is around 16,000 individuals and 5,000 officials from 45 countries in the Asian region, CNA reports.

Updated : 2021-03-08 15:50 GMT+08:00