3D zebra crossings sprouting up across Taiwan

Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Tainnan among Taiwanese cities implementing 3D zebra crossings to try to increase driver awareness

Pedestrian walking on 3D crossing. (Photo from Tamsui District Office)

Pedestrian walking on 3D crossing. (Photo from Tamsui District Office)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- New Taipei's Tamsui District, joins Taipei City, Taoyuan and Tainan as the latest urban area in Taiwan to start painting 3D crosswalks in an effort to improve safety for pedestrians.

The concept of the new zebra crossings is to give the stripes the visual illusion of being three dimensional objects from the perspective of approaching drivers in an effort to have them to slow down and pay more attention to pedestrian crosswalks. The idea is thought to have started in New Delhi, India before spreading to European countries such as Iceland.

New Taipei

​Tamsui District Director Arthur Wu (巫宗仁) said the district is trying new 3D crosswalks inspired by designs from Iceland and India, which are meant to create the effect of "obstacles ahead" and make the drivers instinctively decelerate, reported Liberty Times. Wu said that they are experimenting with new crosswalks because Tamsui's roads are very narrow and car accidents are frequent.

Wu says that initial reviews of surveillance camera footage of the braking rate of drivers in the trial locations had shown improvements. However, he said it will not be until October when the trial run ends that a definite conclusion can be reached on the effectiveness of the new stripes.

The new crossing, situated near the entrance to the parking lot behind the Tamsui District office, was completed on Sunday (Aug. 12) at a cost of NT$50,000 (US$1,600).


In March of this year, Taipei introduced 3D zebra crossings, including one at Zhongxiao East Road Section 5, Lane 372 and another at Zhongxiao East Road Section 5, Lane 372, Alley No. 28. The trial is a follow-up development in response to city councilor Chen Li-hui's suggestion that the city install 3D crossings to improve road safety at the city's most accident-prone spots.

Photo by Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office (TEO).

Photo by Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office (TEO).


In order to improve safety for pedestrians, the Taoyuan Municipal Bureau of Transportation on Aug. 1 began painting three dimensional crossings on a trial basis on Xinpu 6th Street, Tongde 5th Street, and Tongde 6th Street, reported UDN.

The crossings are located in the city's special arts and culture zone. with the nearby exhibition centers and business district attracting a considerable number of people. Local residents report that vehicles have begun to slow down noticeably and they now have less fear of not being seen when crossing the street at night.

(Photo by Taoyuan City Government)

(Photo by Taoyuan City Government)


Acting Tainan Mayor Lee Meng-yen (李孟諺) was photographed on Sunday walking on a new 3D zebra crossing painted on the city's Haian Road as an exhibit on the city's Haianlu Art Street. Chen Yen-hsu (陳彥旭), an artist who participated in the Haianlu Art Street project in 2011, led a group of middle school art students to participate in the painting of the crosswalk, reported CNA.

The work combines the concept of "urban extending platforms" to create a 3D perspective painting titled "Runway" which gives the feeling of a high zebra crossing at tree top level.

Tainan Mayor Lee Meng-yen (李孟諺), front, second right) poses on 3D crossing. (CNA photo)