Bus crash follows hippo attack on terrible trip for Taiwan tourists in Kenya

After flight out of Kenya was delayed, 15 Taiwanese tourists injured, 3 seriously, in bus crash on return to hotel Monday night

Kenya Airways Shuttle Bus (Image from Uniglobe North Line Travel)

Kenya Airways Shuttle Bus (Image from Uniglobe North Line Travel)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Following a deadly hippo attack on Sunday Aug. 12, a Taiwanese tour group in Kenya met with further misfortune on their travels when a shuttle bus they were on was involved in a traffic accident on Monday, Aug. 13.

After the hippo attack which claimed the life of Taiwanese Chang Ming-chuang, 66, and which seriously injured several others, the tour group was further troubled by a delayed flight home on Monday, followed by a bus crash on their way back to the hotel.

The vehicle was a shuttle bus operated by Kenya Airways. According to a press release from the airline, the bus was hit by a trailer from behind forcing it off of the road.

The statement says that 33 people in total were injured in the incident. Further, the driver of the trailer did not stop after the accident and is being sought by the Kenyan police.

According to the Standard, 20 Taiwanese tourists were injured during the accident Monday night, with two men and one woman seriously injured, with the other 17 sustaining slight injuries. Xinhua news agency reports that five of the 20 were Chinese, and 15 were from Taiwan.

A 68 year old man reportedly suffered serious head injuries, while another man, who is 60 years old, broke his arm. The woman reportedly suffered a broken nose in the accident. All three will undergo surgery in Kenya, according to the report.

After the tragic incident the day previous, the tour group was returning from the airport after receiving the news that their flight out of the country from Nairobi to Bangkok had been delayed, forcing them to return to their hotel for another night.

The unfortunate tour group was organized and managed by Taiwan’s Crane Tour Travel, and was intended to be a leisurely vacation centered around animal and nature observation in Kenya.

According to Kenyan media, the hippo involved in the attack on the Taiwanese tourists at Lake Navaisha has been killed by the Kenyan Wildlife Service.

Updated : 2021-04-14 12:43 GMT+08:00