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Japanese suspect steals sneakers, flees police station

Japanese suspect steals sneakers, flees police station

TOKYO (AP) — Japanese police have launched a massive manhunt for a robbery and rape suspect who fled from a police station after reportedly stealing an officer's sneakers.

Local police said Monday that Junya Hida fled Sunday from a consultation room at the Tondabayashi police station in Osaka after meeting his lawyer. Police placed the 30-year-old suspect on a nationwide wanted list and deployed 3,000 officers to search for him.

Police said Hida, who was not handcuffed, apparently forced open an acrylic panel that separated detainees from an area for visitors and then escaped. Police were not aware of his disappearance until nearly two hours later.

Hida reportedly stole a policeman's sneakers before escaping, leaving behind his sandals.

Police told neighborhood schools to lock their windows and stay vigilant.

Updated : 2021-08-06 02:34 GMT+08:00