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Taiwan IC output grows by 5.8% in Q2, 7.3% growth expected in Q3

Taiwan’s IC industry shows robust growth in design, packing and testing sectors

Integrated circuits.

Integrated circuits. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan's total output of integrated circuits (IC) grew by 5.8 percent in Q2 2018, and is expected to grow by a further 7.3 percent in Q3 according to statistics released by the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) on August 13.

The highest growth in Taiwan's IC industry was the design sector, which grew in output by 18.2 percent, while packing increased by 15.2 percent and the test sector grew by 8.4 percent.

In aggregate figures, Taiwan's IC industry reached total value of NT$638.2 billion (US$20.7 billion) in Q2, and is expected to increase to NT$685.1 billion by end of Q3, according to TSIA.

CNA accounted for the rise in output as due to the rebounding of working days during Q2, and as the industry moves towards the traditionally busy sales period.

The IC manufacturing sector shrunk by 1.2 percent in Q2, the second consecutive quarter of decline.

For Q3, the growth stars are expected to be the test sector, which is expected to grow by 9.2 percent, and the design sector, which is expected to grow by 8.8 percent.