No one can obliterate the existence of Taiwan: Tsai

Tsai takes a defiant tone with China as she departed for diplomatic tour yesterday saying, 'No one can obliterate the existence of Taiwan'

Tsai Ing-wen delivering speech.

Tsai Ing-wen delivering speech. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) set out on a trip to visit two of the country's remaining 18 diplomatic allies in Latin America yesterday (Aug. 12), she struck a defiant tone against efforts to isolate Taiwan and have its name changed on various corporate websites by Communist China.

Before departing on a nine-day overseas "Celebration Tour" to visit diplomatic allies Paraguay and Belize, she gave a speech to the media in which she said that on the trip she would thank the leaders of the two countries for supporting Taiwan's participation in the international sphere.

Tsai said the trip also conveys the message that Taiwan is firmly committed to expanding its diplomatic space. She pointed out that Taiwan's diplomatic situation is difficult, but each strike will only become the motivational force for the next breaththrough.

"Going overseas is Taiwan's character, overcoming difficulties is the spirit of Taiwan," said Tsai. "Increased pressure cannot block the aspirations of Taiwanese to go into the world arena, and Taiwan is also grateful for the convenience and courtesy offered by the United States during this visit," she added.

Contrasting Taiwan's democracy with the authoritarian communist Chinese state, Tsai said, "Every time we visit the world, we try to tell the world that Taiwan's freedom and democracy are valuable, and we are willing to do more for the international community in terms of regional peace and stability. This is the friendship Taiwanese want to show the world."

In the most defiant section of her speech clearly directed at Communist China's efforts to isolate Taiwan, Tsai said, "It is the responsibility of the President to lead Taiwan out to the world and expand its diplomatic space. To go out is to let the world see Taiwan, our country and our people's adherence to democracy and freedom. As long as we are firm, no one can obliterate Taiwan's existence (沒有人可以抹滅台灣的存在)."

During her three-day trip to Paraguay, Tsai will attend the inauguration of President-elect Mario Abdo Benitez on Wednesday. On Thursday, she will head to for a three-day stint to Belize, where she will be decorated by Governor-General Colville Young and visit Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Updated : 2021-04-14 04:04 GMT+08:00