The central walking path at Taipei’s Qingtiangang closed temporarily after cattle injured two visitors

(photo courtesy of the YNPA)

(photo courtesy of the YNPA) (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—The central walking path at Qingtiangang Grassland in Yangmingshan National Park, an immensely popular destination for outings in Taipei, has been closed temporarily after wild cattle injured two visitors on Saturday (Aug. 11).

Yangmingshan National Park Administration (YNPA) said in a news release on Sunday that it had temporarily closed the central walking path on the grassland after an octogenarian woman was rammed by bulls in heat that were chasing each other and later on the same day an American man was injured by a butting buffalo for getting too close to the cattle. The YNPA said both victims had been sent to hospital for treatment at the earliest possible time.

The agency said water buffalos in the Qingtiangang area are not domesticated animals after they have been bred in the natural environment for many generations. The buffalos in the area don’t voluntarily attack visitors who keep adequate distance from them, but the wild cattle will be on the alert or even threaten visitors who get too close to them or are accompanied by pet dogs, the YNPA said, adding that in the past injuries had occurred to visitors who were rammed by cows for getting too close to their calves.

YNPA director Chan Te-shu (詹德樞) said that the grasslands on both sides of Qingtiangang’s central walking path are the buffalos’ main areas of activity. For their own safety, Chan urged visitors not to disturb the cattle in their living space by crossing the fences, not to tease or touch them, and not to take close-up photos with them or use photoflash lest they should become startled. He added that the agency will strengthen the ropes of the fences along both sides of the walking path in the future to prevent conflicts between humans and bovines from happening again.

(photo courtesy of the YNPA)