Chinese netizens mock doctored photo showing hovercraft attacking Taipei

Chinese netizens mock sloppy Photoshop job by Sina Military showing hovercraft assaulting Taipei's Tamsui District

Hovercraft swarming Tamsui. (Image from

Hovercraft swarming Tamsui. (Image from

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A poorly doctored image of Chinese military hovercraft supposedly assaulting the shores of Tamsui and the Tamsui River in Taipei has drawn heckles from even Chinese netizens for such a sloppy attempt at propaganda.

On Friday (Aug. 10), Sina Military News posted an image of a poorly photoshopped aerial photograph of Taipei's Tamsui District with disproportionately large Chinese hovercrafts superimposed on top, seemingly landing on the shores and floating up the Tamsui River. Rather than arousing nationalist fervor among Chinese netizens, it was rebuffed with criticism.

After photos of the new Chinese-made Type 726 LCAC hovercraft at a shipyard recently surfaced, Sina Military News posted an article titled "How our army's 'Mustang' hovercraft can cross the Taiwan Strait like a whirlwind." Instead of the usual obedient waves of praise, the photos included in the article caused Chinese netizens to chuckle due the overly simplistic way a couple photos of the hovercraft were copied and pasted multiple times on an aerial image of Tamsui.

In addition to the absurd image of Tamsui, the article also included a photo of a Lego model meant to mock an old American Landing Vehicle, Tracked (LVT) amphibious landing craft, which again only drew sarcastic responses from Chinese netizens.

Almost all the comments posted by Chinese were critical in nature:

"The longer you look at it, the worse it gets!"

"The brain is a good thing, but it needs to be used."

"This is BS, each hovercraft looks like the size of a whole neighborhood."

"The opponent is a scarecrow?"

"Photoshopping like this, the size ratio is way off."

"Funny, in the background is there a Lego piece hitting soy sauce?"

(Image by

(Image by