"Japanese Satchmo" honored in jazz birthplace of New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A trumpeter known as the "Japanese Satchmo" for his devotion to Louis Armstrong has been honored in the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans.

Yoshio Toyama and his wife were in the city recently as he received an award named for the jazz legend.

Toyama met Armstrong in the 1960s, and the Japanese couple moved to New Orleans 50 years ago to learn about traditional jazz. They then returned home to make a life of jazz.

Toyama and his band performed last weekend at a music festival marking Armstrong's birthday, Satchmo Summerfest.

A director of the group that stages the festival, Janice Foulks, says Toyama is part of New Orleans' musical culture. She says he is one of those rare people who can bring both individuals and cultures together.