Taiwan police interrogate possible accomplice in Huashan Grassland murder

Investigators found discrepancies between man's statements and cellphone data

Archery teacher Chen (left) and victim Kao (right) (images from their respective Facebook pages).

Archery teacher Chen (left) and victim Kao (right) (images from their respective Facebook pages).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Police submitted a suspect to a lie detector test to find out whether he was an accomplice in the gruesome murder of a woman at the Huashan Grassland last May, reports said Friday.

An archery teacher surnamed Chen (陳) strangled and dismembered a 30-year-old student of his, surnamed Kao (高), after she rejected his sexual advances, before dispersing her body parts at several locations, including a hillside in Yangmingshan and a refrigerator at his home.

Reports in the media suggested that another set of DNA might have been found on some of the evidence, launching a theory that Chen might have had an accomplice.

On Friday, investigators reportedly submitted a man named Cheng (鄭) to a lie detector test, the Apple Daily reported. He had been present at the hut Chen rented at the Huashan Grassland on the last day Kao was seen alive, reports said.

Because of some “enormous discrepancies” between his statements and information obtained from his cellphone, police decided to question him about the case, according to the Apple Daily.

Cheng reportedly told the paper that he had left the scene at midnight and that Kao had been sitting on a bed playing on her laptop after drinking one beer and a Chinese wine, but the investigators concluded that he had stayed in the hut at least until 4 a.m. the following day.

The suspect went to the Criminal Investigation Bureau with his attorney for the lie detector test Friday, the Apple Daily reported.

The hut at the Huashan Grassland has been razed since the murder, which shocked the public in Taiwan, a country little used to violent crime.