Students go on sea patrol at Orchid Island, Taiwan

Students learn about marine ecology, culture and the coast guard during 3 day study camp

Camp participants in canoe.

Camp participants in canoe. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan's Coast Guard Administration (海洋委員會海巡署) took a group of 15 university students on a three day camp, to teach them about the coast guard on Orchid Island (蘭嶼), Taitung County, reported CNA on August 10.

The students were taught about marine ecology and conservation, and local culture, as well as taking a 100-ton patrol boat out to sea.

The students participated in a study camp to help provide the youth with a better understanding of what coast guard officers do in practice, and to gain first-hand experience of marine policy in practice, said head of the Secretarial Office for the Eastern Division of the Coast Guard Administration, Sung Yuan-hsian (宋源祥).

Sung said the camp included a tour of a coast guard check point, an audit of a sea patrol exercise, and a range of other projects that focused on conservation and culture.

Beyond hands-on projects, the camp also included tours of the National Prehistoric Museum, as well as a range of ecological and cultural sites.

According to CNA, the students were happy about the camp, and thought it was beneficial. One student said they had little idea about what the coast guard did in practice, and thought the exercise was beneficial.