Two U.S. tourists injured by falling rocks at Taiwan waterfall

Both young people out of danger

The Wufengqi waterfall in Yilan County (photo by Pipi).

The Wufengqi waterfall in Yilan County (photo by Pipi). (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Two young tourists were injured by falling rocks at the Wufengqi waterfall in Yilan County, but were out of danger, reports said Friday.

A man named by the Apple Daily as Alexander, and a woman, named as Emily Ding, both reportedly 20, had hiked up to the second waterfall near the town of Jiaoxi and were apparently playing in or near the water when rocks suddenly started falling.

The rocks hit the young woman on the head and grazed the man’s arms, according to the Apple Daily.

When the emergency services rushed to the scene just before noon Friday, members of the public had already carried the two travelers on their back down the mountain.

Both were conscious and proved to be not seriously injured after their examination at a local hospital.

The two were visiting Taiwan to meet friends who were exchange students in the country, and had gone for a day trip to Yilan County, the Apple Daily reported.

Following the incident, the authorities closed off the scenic area until further notice.