Taiwan rail revisions to be announced in October

An expected 200-300 timetable changes will be declared

Alishan Forest Railway (Flickr user: Jerry Lai)

Alishan Forest Railway (Flickr user: Jerry Lai)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA, 臺灣鐵路管理局) will review its timetable, with an expected 200 to 300 changes to be announced in October in a bid to improve service, reported CNA.

The changes will be announced on October 12, with expanded service, and improved transfers with the High Speed Rail (HSR) being the main highlights.

The timetable changes are part of the TRA's annual service review.

Advanced ticket sales for trains departing after Oct. 12 have been suspended, and the administrator will announce on Sept. 6 when pre-booking will resume.

The timetable change will integrate 12 brand new stations across Taiwan, and will also include the soon to be finished construction of an overpass in Taichung City (臺中市) and underground section in Kaohsiung City (高雄市).

The review will consider how to best optimize transfers between the HSR and regular rail services, with the view to give passengers 15 minutes between departures.

The TRA will also discuss the proposed expansion of the HSR south of Kaohsiung reported CNA.