Cross-Strait tunnel part of 'China's consistent united front propaganda:' MAC

MAC refutes having any knowledge of China's plan to build an 84 mile undersea tunnel between China and Taiwan

Three suggested routes for Taiwan Straits Tunnel Project

Three suggested routes for Taiwan Straits Tunnel Project (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), Chen Min-tong (陳明通), promptly responded to China's claim to have finalized plans to build a tunnel connecting Taiwan and China on Aug. 8.

On Aug. 6 the South China Morning Post published an article announcing that China has finalized construction plans to build a 135 km (84 mi) undersea tunnel between Pingtan and Hsinchu, called the Taiwan Strait Tunnel Project. The plan would begin construction in 2030 and feature a train that could travel at 250 kilometers an hour.

Minister Chen immediately denounced the project, stating, "The proposal is part of China's consistent united front propaganda and was made unilaterally."

The MAC stated that there has not been any bilateral communication, much less agreement, between Taiwan and China on this subject.

The MAC stated that by proposing this tunnel, China is simultaneously attacking Taiwan's potential for international space using militaristic intimidation and trying to mislead the public into thinking that this was a bilateral decision, reported CNA. These abrupt actions are very disrespectful to Taiwan, said MAC.